Goodreads: Book reviews, recommendations, and discussion  At the beginning of the year, and incidentally my last post, I talked about keeping track of the books I read this year on Goodreads.  The goal was to read 24 books in a year.  With that being two books a month, I am about two books behind for the year.  I have started reading several books this year, but haven't finished any of them (Khafka's The Trial, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, Bloodlands, and Meredith Bond's Magic In The Storm).

With that being said, I have to ask myself why I've started these books but not finished them.   I started reading The Trial when I had some quiet time and thought a little academic reading would do me good.  I liked the book, but just didn't pick it up again.

I was on an espionage track with both my reading and my video watching (MI-5) for a while, so I picked up The Spy Who Came In From The Cold at a book sale knowing it was a classic story which had been made into a movie (Richard Burton, 1965).  I liked the action the story started with, but I guess my espionage bent was more to current and not WWII.

I hesitated after reading the first few pages of Bloodlands because I had recently read several horror books as well (Undertaker's Moon, Dhampir, Timeless) and I did not want to use this one as yet another horror/vampire book to review for Unleaded:Fuel For Writers.

Finally, I picked up Meredith Bond's Magic In The Storm a few days ago on my Kindle.  I had tried once before to start reading it, but my mind was just not in a place to read a paranormal romance at the time.  Now, however, when I started again, I was thoroughly enjoying it.  This will most likely be the book I stick with and will probably review for September's book review on Unleaded.

If you have book suggestions for me to read or review, please leave a comment below.  Stop by Unleaded and click on my name in the author list to see the book reviews I have done for them.  Thanks for stopping by!


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