Ethnic Cleansing in the US?

Today, I read this article today on how books regarding Native American and Chicano heritage are being banned in Tuscon, AZ schools:

Removing traces of a people's history is one step toward ethnic cleansing however it's done.  The reasons that will be stated in defense of the act of banning books such as "Rethinking Columbus" will obviously not say anything about trying to remove the history of Native Americans so as to remove any memory of them.  Those reasons are never given in any situation such as this.

Remember, people are not being killed (this time), but instead this "cleansing" is being done surreptitiously.  I know many people in Northeast Georgia where I grew up with Cherokee blood running in their veins.  I can only imagine the type of outcry that would happen in some of the small towns and counties there if this type of thing were attempted.  Politicians would lose their jobs and would most likely have to leave town if they supported such an asinine action.

Share this story to make everyone aware of such political policies and agendas masquerading as educational reforms.


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