I am currently at home helping my wife recover from some minor surgery. This entails housework, helping her, keeping the kids fed and relatively clean. Now, all of this would make one think that perhaps I might have some time to work on projects that have sat idle for quite some time.

I have said for a while that if I could have some extra time away from work, then I should work on these projects. I could list them all, but I think it would start to depress me at the sheer volume of unfinished works around here.

Although, I do have to point to my prior post where I participated in Flash-a-thon. Of course, that did not require me to move very much and I could do it in spurts around everything else I had to accomplish.

And, of course, I sit here now updating this blog (albeit while I'm eating lunch). So, there are things that I can do I suppose, but getting out into the yard, nailing down rogue nails on my deck, finishing a storage cabinet I promised my wife 5 years ago....*sigh* see: could-a, would-a, should-a


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