The Urban Shaman by C. E. Murphy

The Urban Shaman by C. E. Murphy is the first book of “The Walker Papers.” The story is a cross-over between Native American folklore and Celtic myths and legends. Murphy does a decent job of mixing the two in the main character of Joanne Walker. However, there is a back story referenced regarding the Celtic roots of Joanne Walker that would serve the reader better should Murphy have elaborated on it a bit more. The story mostly, and rightly so, focuses on the development of the shamanic powers of the main character, but Murphy's omission of the Celtic back story does little to help the reader understand how the newly learned Native American Shamanic powers of Joanne Walker help to defeat the Celtic themed Wild Hunt

As an introduction to The Walker Papers series, The Urban Shaman is an entertaining effort by C. E. Murphy. The story does read well and leaves the reader curious regarding the next book in the series. Anyone reading the story would be advised to have reference books of Celtic legends and Native American myths handy, or at least Wikipedia.


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