Heat Wave Book Review

Heat Wave by Richard Castle
Obviously, Richard Castle is a fictional author from the ABC TV show "Castle." The book, "Heat Wave" was released as a publicity piece, or even "stunt" if you will. Two famous authors have given critical blurbs for the book's cover: James Patterson and Stephen J. Cannell. Both of these authors have appeared on the TV show as Rick Castle's poker buddies.
Since the book's release, Stephen J. Cannell has passed away, but I believe the he was the ghost writer for this book. It's possible that both Cannell and Patterson both collaborated or wrote the book. The next book, Naked Heat, is already out, with the third, Heat Rising, coming out soon.
Heat Wave is a bit slow starting, but once the action starts a few chapters in, the story is a pretty easy read. If you have watched "Castle" you can't help but picture the characters from the show as the characters in the book. It is entertaining even though the writing is a bit sub-par. Unlike some authors I have read, I did not find myself re-reading a sentence several times to pick up the subtle undertones of the passage or comprehend the complex language employed. It is all straightforward if not force-fed at times.
Finally, Heat Wave is an entertaining read and is a must for fans of ABC's "Castle."


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