We live by our schedules - and some die by their schedules, literally. It would seem that our offices are incapable of functioning if we do not arrive at the office at our designated time. Although, some of us do have "flexible work" schedules, but we are still expected to arrive by a certain, if not unspoken, time. Of course, meetings happen, deadlines must be met (schedules within schedules). But, must we be subject to someone else's notion that we must be in a certain place by that designated time in order to attend those meetings, in order to meet those deadlines? In this day and age of technology, there are virtual meeting rooms, telecommuting, etc. One would think that with the idea of "going green" recently being pushed on us by the media, there would be more and more of these virtual workplaces giving more of us a flexibility to start working when we want and work the hours we want, as long as those meetings are attended and those deadlines are met. Then, I could work in my pajamas.


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