There are portrayed in movies and books great heroes, historical and fictional: King Arthur, and even Harry Potter. Some more classical heroes such as Spider-Man are coming to prominence in pop-culture again. There were once real men and women hailed as heroes - Lawrence of Arabia, Charles Lindburgh. Whatever happened to that thing that makes men heroes? Why are there no names coming out of our current wars hailing men as heroes. Sure there was Stormin' Norman back in the '90's, but how many can truly name one man or woman from the Iraq or Afghanistan compaigns that we would count as a hero? Has that thing died in Americans that names someone a hero? Have we become so complacent in our expectations that we feel we don't need heroes anymore?


  1. I find it interesting that the people who are labeled as heroes today say they "were just doing their job". That is true. The firefighter who rescued someone from a burning building is labeled a hero; he did his job really well. The guy who safely landed the plane in the Hudson is labeled a hero but did he just do his job really well. I do my job really well and if I don't, people could die. I will never be labeled a hero for doing my job well nor do I care to be. What is our definition of heroes these days??


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