Comics and....Politics?

For a few years now, one of my morning rituals is to sit down and read a handful of online comics. I do this to start my day off with a smile, or at least a tiny healthy dose of "well, at least I'm not like these guys." However, recently, and yes we all know how recently, current politics have begun to creep into my comics. Not only is this happening in my online comics, but in the Sunday funnies as well. Ok, I probably just dated myself by calling them "the Sunday funnies," but nevertheless, the politics are there. Such commentary used to be reserved for Doonesbury, which I choose not to read because for me, the comic strips are a means, albeit brief means, of escapism. Reading about how a comic character was killed while in Iraq or how another's house was foreclosed on is definitely not a means of escapism, but instead a harsh reminder of the realities that may be facing myself or my neighbor. So, please, please, keep the Sunday funnies funny and leave the politics to the front page of the Post.


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