Laid Up

As I sit here in a chair wishing the invisible little man with a large knife that causes my aches and pains as I get older would pull out his super heated magic dagger of pain from my lower back, I find myself thinking there's not much I can do right at this moment, besides revel in the pain, so I decided to start a blog. I'm sure there are plenty of other valid reasons that I could have chosen to start "blogging," but inability to do anything else, after I checked my email fifteen times, has led me to this path. The little gnawing in the back of my head says there's the leaky faucet to fix, the closet door that needs to be re-hung, and various other little projects around the house that cold Saturdays were made for, but that gnawing little voice is quickly silenced be the super heated magic dagger of pain. I wonder if the little man will get bored and go play somewhere else by at least supper time.


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